[fpc-pascal]OS/2 DART/MMPM information?

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Sat Mar 31 17:05:45 CEST 2001

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Subject:        	Re: [fpc-pascal]OS/2 DART/MMPM information?
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> To Tomas and/or the core team: it is possible to include these 

 I'm a member of the core team for some time already... ;-)

> ported sources into the official FPC RTL, or it needs a 
> complette rewriting to be legal?

 Everything depends on the license of the original source file and/or 
permissions you get for your port from copyright owner(s). If it's a 
part of the original VP RTL and not a 3rd-party add-on (with a 
different, FPC-compatible license), then it cannot be used, unless 
you get an explicit permission from copyright owner(s) to distribute 
your port under the FPC RTL license (LGPL with an exception for 
statically linked binaries).


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