[fpc-pascal]OS/2 DART/MMPM information?

Matti Hamalainen mhamalai at ratol.fi
Fri Mar 30 08:20:35 CEST 2001

Sorry, this is a bit off-topic on this maillist :)

Are there any programmers with knowledge of OS/2's
sound APIs? (DART/MMPM if I remember right)

I need such info, but can't find it from IBM's site
or such. Yes, I could look into various GPLd programs,
but understanding the workings is not easy just by
looking complex code.

Additionally, I need info on realtime timing possibilities
(callback timers/events) under OS/2.

Specifications and simple programming examples (C/C++/Pascal)
would be very helpful.

(I need the info for writing OS/2 support into my free
software sound system project JSS, which is being developed
for use with FPC. http://jss.sourceforge.net)

Thanks in advance,

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