[fpc-pascal]cannot find -lc

SVAA svaa at retemail.es
Tue Mar 27 05:06:23 CEST 2001


>> with 1.0.4, when I link I get this error
>> "cannot find -lc"

>Are you sure you are not using another Linux system as well ?
>I don't remember any changes to the library linking process between
>these two versions of FPC ?

Well, the program that works was buiIt in a suse 6.3. When I got the error
it was a redhat 7.x (I don't remember the release), I supossed that there
was something with the libs, so I installed in an old PC suse 6.3, and I got
the same error.

The last working version was built with fpc 1.0.1, but I didn't personally,
last one I used was 0.99.14 Does it make any difference? is there any mark
in the binary showing the fpc version?

Santiago Amposta

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