[fpc-pascal]Unit graph & Linux Question

Stefan Becker becker at lufa-sp.vdlufa.de
Mon Mar 19 09:08:37 CET 2001

Hi people :-),

I tried some simple stuff in the unit graph and realized that it
always invokes the xserver running (or not running) on the Linux
My goal would be to use routines that are *remote* XServer capable.

How do I go about this and what units should I look into!

Stefan Becker

LUFA Speyer (EDV)
email: becker at lufa-sp.vdlufa.de
tel  : +49 (0)6232-629542
fax  : +49 (0)6232-629544

> try to use svgalib 1.9.7, it doesn't need root privileges now.. 
> If I recall
> correctly the only need is to grant access to /dev/svga

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