[fpc-pascal]Converting TP Reals in ANSI-C

Ralf Quint ralf at aztechvision.net
Wed Mar 14 19:20:34 CET 2001

At 07:06 PM 03/13/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Many examples can be found to demonstrate how to convert the Turbo Pascal 
>6 byte Real into IEEE compliant floating point types WITHIN a PASCAL 
>I need to write routines in ANSI C that can read/write these reals from/to 
>a binary file when they are part of variant record type. I am concerned 
>that I must also consider word/byte ordering as well as the internal 
>representation of the exponent and mantissa.
>Has anybody seen and/or does anybody have source code for doing this in 

I have some code for this somewhere. Unfortunately, I'm in the process of 
moving right now and have already most of the my programming stuff which i 
don't currently need already packed up. I'll see that i send it to you as 
soon as I'm over with this mess...


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