[fpc-pascal]mysql package under WinNT

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> > The .CMD extension is used by Os/2's own command prompt as far as I
> > remember.

 In fact, it's an extension for batch files (scripts) which should be 
handled with CMD.EXE (which is a command interpreter in both OS/2 and 
WinNT, where it's supported as well).

> But do OS/2 specific batchfiles have /bin/sh as first line???

 No, never. OS/2 batch files are of two basic types - one is very 
similar to DOS batch files (i.e. only command shell internal commands 
and calls to external programs may appear there), the other must 
start with /* (start of a comment in REXX programs) and then it's 
interpreted with the integrated REXX language interpreter.

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