[fpc-pascal]DirectX8 D3D headers converted to FPC.

Eero Tanskanen yendor at nic.fi
Wed Mar 7 21:05:42 CET 2001

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> > I converted the Delphi conversions (thanks to Alexey Barkovoy of
> > for it) of DirectX8 D3D (only D3D part) to fpc-compliant and it seems to
> > work all right with the 2 first D3D tutorials in DX8 SDK. If anyone
wants a
> > copy of it, send me an email.
> Put them up on the contributed units site.

I'm not ready to put them up anywhere just yet, as buggy as they are (and
there's no mentioning of me anywhere in them :-). Until I get assured that
everything should work right I'm not releasing them for everyone. I believe
that I'll finish complete DX8 header onversions within this week. Until
then, I'll send 'em to those who request it from me.

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