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Noah silva nsilva at atari-source.com
Tue Mar 6 20:09:01 CET 2001

It is, I commonly, when using Delphi 4 in win 2000, will set the linker to
generate a win32 console app, even though I am making a GUI app, this way,
I can use writeln(), etc., to output debugging info in test versions of my
program, when the debugger isn't convenient.

 - noah silva

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Johan Blok wrote:

> > > - Dos programs also run under Windows. So, is there any reason to make a
> > > Win-exe for console-programs?
> >     Yes, DOS programs are really only 16 bit using a 32 bit extender.  A
> > win-exe console app is true 32 bit.  Also, WinNT doesn't do DOS
> > emulation very well.
> Using win exe console app you also can use parts of the win API, at
> least that parts
> that are not GUI oriented, but I think that it's also possible to open
> GUI windows from a
> win32 console app.
> Johan Blok
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