[fpc-pascal]new to FPC

Matthew Bradford bigmatt19 at aol.com
Tue Mar 6 17:18:06 CET 2001


AKFoerster at nikocity.de wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm new to FPC and this list and I have some questions:
> - I'm confused about the licence: may I write commercial programms with
> FPC?

> - Dos programs also run under Windows. So, is there any reason to make a
> Win-exe for console-programs?
    Yes, DOS programs are really only 16 bit using a 32 bit extender.  A 
win-exe console app is true 32 bit.  Also, WinNT doesn't do DOS 
emulation very well.

> - Is it possible to program a GUI-program, which compiles under Windows
> as well as under Linux? What do I need? What does the enduser need?
    Yes, use the GTK.  You need the GTK DLLs for the windows side, and most 
linux distro's have the GTK preinstalled.

Hope that helps.

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