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Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Thu Mar 1 09:07:16 CET 2001

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Brad Campbell wrote:

> Noah silva wrote:
> > 
> > pascal works on a lot more platforms than even Free Pascal.  Obviously it
> > is pretty bad if it still can't gain support.  I myself would like to use
> > it because I use Linux on Sparc, and there is no Free Pascal yet for
> > Sparc, so I have really tried to get GPC to be usefull, I am not just
> I have a shell account on a linux sparc box..
> How hard would it be for someone reasonably proficient in pascal, very
> proficient in assembler and never done anything on a sparc to port the
> compiler ?

It would be a bad idea to start a port right now, because the code generator
is being reorganized. The purpose of these reorganizations is to be able to
make porting to a new processor more easy.

The core FPC team has plans for m68k, ALPHA and PPC ports; SPARC has been 
requested several times, so if someone else could do that it would be very
good. The existing Intel Solaris port could then be used to provide the RTL.

But as I said, it is better to wait a little for starting a new CPU port.


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