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Carl never replied.. I have no idea how he's getting on. It would be nice to
hear from him.

The CVS version I put up works. The Official FPC CVS version didn't compile
when I last tried it. I'll give it a go at some point.

My version is based almost entirely on the one submitted by Pascal K.,
Pixel32 developer. At the moment it's kind of more importand to me to have a
compiling set of source with which to work with. I'm sure the official FPC
BeOS port will be more satisfactory.

There's a binary distro available from the sourceforge page. It compiles,
and compiles itself also, so with it you can rebuild the CVS source. It also
contains a really experimental binding to a BeOS GUI application. I'm going
to work in ernest on this for the next two weeks - I should have time in the

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> > So, are there two versions of Be-FPC? Because there is one at the CVS,
> > common to all platforms and having the latest updates, and another at
> > sourceforge, specific to FPC but probably out of sync with all the other
> > versions. I do not know if it is the best solution. Will you unify them?
> The one in CVS is based on the other one, but it is still being tested and
> merged AFAIK.
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