[fpc-pascal]ques about libraries

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at yline.com
Fri Jul 20 10:18:08 CEST 2001


From: Gabriel Guzmics
Subject: [fpc-pascal]ques about libraries

>well what is really important about freepascal is, that it has so many
>compiling targets and options. well but whats about the libraries?
>my question is, if anybody could list libraries running under win32 and
>linux x, with following abstract codes (so the source code of the prog
>hasnt to be modified, only maybe the uses list, to port it to another

Well, this is nothing but a dream. Prepare to use ifdef's here and there
since the rtl units are not 100% cross-platform compatible as soon as you
require more functionality as the TP/BP rtl provides.

>* a thread lib (VERY important, abstract thread lib)

FPC isn't thread safe yet. Although there is some sort of an abstract thread
lib in the classes unit (called TThread afair) it makes no sense using it
atm. Even replacing with some platform specific code might not help.

>* a graphics lib, gfx lib with opt. hardware acc. (i think this is easiest
>-> opengl)

GTK, OpenGL, probably SDL (uses OpenGL)

>* an abstraction to sockets working on both platforms. maybe on more.

Hmm. Try the sockets unit in combination with the inet unit (latter only
available on Linux platform last time I looked, you might have to use the
winsock unit) from the packages

>* abstract input routines like keyboard and mouse

Don't know anything here, except probably the API (/2) units. I've seen some
Win32 sources in the packages about it and it seems promising. I don't know
whether it's useable at all though.
Using GTK might solve this though.

I might be wrong, feel free to correct me.


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