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Gabriel Guzmics cyb.org at gmx.net
Fri Jul 20 01:58:50 CEST 2001

I now played around with free pascal. my friends mean i am an idiot still believing open source will make it to something one day.
I think, right, maybe nearly every open source project on the net is in development, but linux shows us, that open source HAS power, and not just one big company can rule the software base.

well what is really important about freepascal is, that it has so many compiling targets and options.
well but whats about the libraries?

my question is, if anybody could list libraries running under win32 and linux x, with following abstract codes (so the source code of the prog hasnt to be modified, only maybe the uses list, to port it to another system)

* a thread lib (VERY important, abstract thread lib)
* a graphics lib, gfx lib with opt. hardware acc. (i think this is easiest -> opengl)
* an abstraction to sockets working on both platforms. maybe on more.

* abstract input routines like keyboard and mouse
* dosumentation or short help files

i am browsing the PAS files i have, maybe somebody can tell me faster.

with abstract i mean that system dependent functions are bound to an individual API. e.g. i can put a pixel in each system with "PutPixel".

most important for me is threading and socks, mostly TCP/IP, i personally dont use any other network protocol (since its standard)
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