[fpc-pascal]Writing a highly portable database...

Alexander Stohr AlexanderS at ati.com
Thu Jul 19 00:07:20 CEST 2001

Hello dear FreePascal community,

i am currently in research on possibilitys to implement
a non comercial database with some 10 - 30 MB in size.

The current trend in decision looks like it will be
done with some Win32 or Linux based MySQL server to
provide some common interface for general search in
the database.

But there should be furhter a user based access rights
system that allows manipulation of this database.

For some nice reasons it is of high interest to have
an offline reader and an offline editor for the two
mentioned purposes. This means this program should
run at least on Linux and on Win32 platforms in Text
and in Graphics mode.

Can anyone tell me if such doing is feasible?
Are there any libs around that will let me do such 
clients? (I would prefer single code for any purpose)
Or does someone know about a system where this is
already possible but doesnt raise any huge fees?

I know FreePascal is portable to the desired targets.
But i am not that sure if i know about the right
collection of toolsets that let these clients
perform synchronisation with the servers over an
internet conncetion without coding any platform 
differently. Maybe an E-Mail interface would serve
here or any other protocoll, maybe several of them. 

The gui or textmode toolkit should be of a rather 
universal type as well, so that there will be 
possibilities to integrate i.e. country maps or 
other visualisation modules into the project on
respective demand (of course less likely for the
textmode version, will apply conditional defines).

The thing is i dont want to spent too much time but
want to rely on a good amount of tested and prooven
to be good code that finally just does what i want.

Anyone any good idea on this issue?

Best Regards

(Yes i know what FreePascal is. I was rather active
with it in the pre 1.0.0 phase, just in contrast to 
the time untill now.)

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