[fpc-pascal]executing different gtk applications from FPC

jordi jovy at wanadoo.es
Wed Jul 18 06:20:22 CEST 2001

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

> The exec function from the dos unit always waits till the started application closes.
> If you don't want to wait, use the linux unit:
>  Pid:=Fork;
>  if Pid=0 then
>    execl ('/usr/bin/gnome-help-browser man:manual_page');
>  else
>    waitpid(PID,WAIT_NOWAIT) // NOWAIT means reaturn at once.

I' ve changed de waitpid : waitpid (pid, nil, wnohang);

If I finish first the main program and then the help (running from

a terminal), I've to use Ctrl <c> to see bash again. Otherwise I

don't see any "zombie" and seem the main program and help finishes


Excuse my poor English and thanks for your help.



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