Ulrich Floer uli at combie.de
Sun Jul 15 10:52:14 CEST 2001

"Andreas K. Foerster" wrote:

> Hello,
> is it possible to set up FPC as Cosscompiler?
> I mainly use Linux, but I also want to write Apps for Linux AND Windows.
> At the moment I always copy the pas code from the Linux partition to the
> Win partion, reboot under Windows and compile it there... And when it
> doesn't work, I have to reboot Linux again. (Linux progs don't run from
> a Win partition - so I can't simply do anything on the Win partition)
> So, can I compile Win Apps under Linux? - Of course it should still be
> possible to compile for native Linux.

Hi Andreas..

I use Linux in comination with Samba and VmWare !
The win-emulation is quite slowly, but is works fine.
I use the same source tree in Samba.
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