[fpc-pascal]Playing sounds in Fpc?

Michael Lang papalangi at t-online.de
Sat Jul 14 21:05:12 CEST 2001

I wrote quite a lot of stuff in BPC for DOS, but do not have that much
experience in Win32 programming. I'd like to have some examples of
code to play wave and midi files. I'm not looking for finished
players, where one just clicks with the mouse, to play a file. I'd
like to have code, with which one can just play little sounds. I've
heard of a programming language called Profan, in which one can use
Midi, by just entering commands in the source code like play(note1,
note2) etc. That would be a great thing in Fpc. Does anybody here
perhaps have a unit, which provides similar functionality? I'd like to
write Windows programs, that only need an Exe file, no additional
sound files, and nevertheless play sounds. This was easy under DOS, by
using the PC speaker, but seems to be a bit difficult under Win32.


   <*** Michael Lang ***>

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