[fpc-pascal]Send String via UDP

Andrew Higgs ahiggs at ps.co.za
Mon Jul 9 12:54:43 CEST 2001

Thilo Berger wrote:
> I want to send a simple String via the UDP-Protocol to an unknown number
> of computers on our intranet.
> I've tried some things, but had no success in working with the
> Socket-Unit.
> Is there anyone who can give me an example on how do do it?
> How can I reach all computers (of course with a running
> Client-Application) on the net?
> It is said I have to use as the receiver-adress?! is a netmask. What you require is called broadcast. for a
network address of with a netmask of the brodcast
address is


Kind regards
Andrew Higgs

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