[fpc-pascal]New release when?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Jul 8 20:03:05 CEST 2001

> Thus spoke Peter Vreman (peter at freepascal.org):
> > The IDE for 1.0.6 still has some problems that prevent releasing. The 
> > developer that can solve those problems is now on holiday.
> Sounds as 1.0.6 is not far from release! (?)  :-)

There are still little things popping up, people are on holiday etc, new
platforms being added. Will take some time :-)
> > The snapshots of the 1.0 branch are created using the same script as the 
> > release. Just unzipping them is enough to install it like a release.
> Is smartlinking of the RTL enabled in snapshots? 

No, but you can generate it yourself. Snapshots are deliberately not
smartlinked, because then they would be much larger.

> If not, please fix those scripts before making the release! :) (If yes,
> I'll get me some snapshots!)

Try to build a release yourself. It isn't that hard.

assuming ppc386(.exe depending on platform) is in the path, then:

make all install 

in the fpc/ dir will pretty much do the job.

If I have time I'll update the make cycle faq on how to build using the
newer (much better) makefiles.

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