[fpc-pascal]Smartlinking fpc 1.0.4 (Linux).

Arne Hanssen ahh at go.enitel.no
Fri Jan 19 22:08:14 CET 2001

I've just installed FPC v. 1.0.4 ("upgrading" from v. 1.0.2)
and is experiencing some problems:

1. Smartlinking of the RTL seems to be enabled.
   Is that correct or have I left out something?

2. I'm calling fpc with the following script

    ppc386 -d$mydef \
           -FE/home/arne/bin \
           -FU/home/arne/source/pascal/Units \
           -Fu/home/arne/source/pascal/Units \
           $1 $2 $3 $4 $5                                                          

   but fpc doesn't place resulting files in the ../Units
   directory.  Neither does it obey the -d parameter - but
   if I give it on the command line, it seems to be accepted.
   I've been using this for a long time - any idea why it won't
   work now?

Even worse, downgrading to fpc 1.0.2 doesn't bring back things
to their previous state.  (Downgrading = restore /etc/ppc386.cfg
and changing /usr/local/bin/ppc386 to poing to ../lib/1.0.2/..
- isn't this enough?)
Any suggestions?

Vennlig hilsen / Best regards     |\     ___,,--,        _
Arne Hanssen, Senja, Norway       /,`--''        \-,,__,'/
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