[fpc-pascal]CGI-program parameters.

Arne Hanssen ahh at go.enitel.no
Fri Jan 19 22:07:59 CET 2001

I'm writing a small cgi-program using version 1.0.2 and have a
question.  My program is called from (Apache) html-page f.eks.
like this (platform is Linux, Red Hat 6.2):

   <img src="my.cgi?var1=value1&var2=value2">

then ParamStr( 1 ) in my program is blank!

If I change to:

   <img scr="my.cgi?var1_value1&var2_value2">

then ParamStr(1) = var1_value1\&var2_value2
(note the backslash - is that to be expected?).

Main "problem"(?) is:  Using equal signs (=) in html call seems
to destroy program parameter.  Is this a bug or am I doing some-
thing wrong?

Thanks for any suggestion!  ;-)

Vennlig hilsen / Best regards     |\     ___,,--,        _
Arne Hanssen, Senja, Norway       /,`--''        \-,,__,'/
http://home.enitel.no/ahh        |,4   ) )_    ) /~-----'
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