[fpc-pascal]Clone vs. pthreads

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Jan 17 11:00:05 CET 2001

> Someone replied to a question about writing tcp servers, and said that
> Linux's Clone() isn't fit for writing a crash-safe server or something
> like that. Well what I want to ask is why(besides, I guess, the lack of
> portability to FreeBSD) and if there is a unit for fpc that translates
> pthreads to fpc.

FPC/FreeBSD Linux unit (which is going to be renamed to Unix in 1.2)
has Clone too, except that not all parameters are supported (but
most are), based on the rfork call (which isn't supported on Linux)

And yes, there is a pthreads port on the Contributed units page, but I
didn't test it yet.

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