[fpc-pascal]how to set cursor size?

Michail A.Baikov baikov at mosfilm.ru
Fri Jan 12 23:47:31 CET 2001

Cursor in Console mode. not mouse!

> > Subj. Help plz. But please, onlyAPI methods (os/2 api and win32
> > api).
>  Keyboard (text mode) or mouse cursor? The former can be found within
> FPC API (for the OS/2 version, search in video.inc for
> VioSetCurType). I can send you more information if needed.
>  BTW, have I ever told you I _strongly_ dislike HTML e-mails (like
> that one I'm just answering to), because they're causing difficulties
> to people with regular e-mail clients (not using browsers for e-mail
> correspondence)?
> Tomas

Ok. Now only plain text mode.

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