[fpc-pascal]Re: chdir problem? -- 2nd request

Arne Hanssen ahh at go.enitel.no
Fri Jan 12 22:18:11 CET 2001

Thus spoke Gabor DEAK JAHN (djg at argus.vki.bke.hu):
> At 01/10/2001 06:30, you wrote:
> > anyfile.name and have it find the file, CD into the directory where the
> > file is and then exit (leaving you at the DOS prompt, but in the directory
> > of the file you were searching for). The go32 targets work just fine, but
> > the Win32 targets leave you in the directory that the program was launched
> > from and not the directory where the file was found.
> ....... The closest what I could think of is to put the found directory 
> name, prefixed with the command CD, to the clipboard and instruct the user 
> in the last line of the program's output that in order to change to that 
> directory they could select Paste from the system menu, then press Enter. 
> Far from perfect, I agree, but...

Hmmm.. if you make your program launch a new CMD.EXE just before
it exits (after changing path) - that new "command promt" should
point to the desired directory?!? 

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