[fpc-pascal]Turbo Vision with FPC

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Fri Jan 12 14:28:15 CET 2001

Currently FV is used for fpc (v11 and v10), tho' the source files are not
distributed, because they belong to Borland. The medium/long term plan, for
v1x?, x currently not known)is to use fvision, from Leon de Boer, which is a
redesign & rewrite of fv which doesn't belong to Borland, but we are
currently (AFAIK) still waiting for him to send us the latest version. He
has promised to send it to us for Christmas 2000, but he'd also promised it
for earlier... so guess we need to be patient. My guess is (Pierre will
correct me if I'm wrong) that it won't take long to get fvision working with
fpc once we get code. HTH John 

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I've read several postings on this list concerning problems with the Turbo
Vision (TV) clonees/substitues which can be used with FPC. I would like to
ask if there is any solution (and possiblity) for those who own a *legal*
copy of original Borland's TV (I have both TV1 and TV2, shipped with TP6
and BP7, respectively) to use it with FPC, after some 'patching'. I
remember that one of the first versions of Virtual Pascal had such
TV 'patch' for OS/2 target...maybe it is possible to do something similar
for FPC ? 
I think that many of the FPC users are the former users of TP/BP (like me)
which might have old TV files/licenses.



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