[fpc-pascal]Java vs. Freepascal & Server

Mirek Novak mirek.novak at centrum.cz
Thu Jan 11 15:51:15 CET 2001


I am reading all of the message according to server-writing problem because I'm interested in too.
IMHO you (bocci) have to decide for which platform you want to write your server. Because (IMHO) if
you want to write linux server it's far more safer to use fork() instead of  threads. The
difference between "threaded" and "forked" server is that "forked" server makes independent
instances of itself for every connection but threaded server makes thread within main program - the
andvantage (for me as a programer who writes only 99% bug free code :o)) ) is: if you have a
heavier  bug in threaded program it can cause hang of the main program and no more connections will
be accepted :o( on the other hand forked program crashes only forked child with a bug but father
and other childern will continue its connections untouched.
Communication between chidren and father can be done using IPC (see doc.).

This is my opinion, if someone else things its not good please tell me to take out of the
darkness.  :o))))

Mirek Novak

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