[fpc-pascal]Non-blocking sockets; suggestion

Georgi Georgiev skelet_bg at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 10 09:18:30 CET 2001

--- Roderick van Domburg <gog at gamepoint.net> wrote: 
> Hi there,
> I am fiddling around with FPC's network
> communication and was particulary
> interested in the application of non-blocking
> sockets. I was wondering if
> any of you ever did up any experience on that topic,
> it would come highly
> appreciated.

See NetDemo unit from Contributed Units page:


I have one suggestion for Contributed Units page:

Now it is about 200K in size and it is downloaded
slowly from people with bad Internet access.

It is posible to split it on separate pages (by
categories) or make some new shorter design with
links to full units info ?

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