[fpc-pascal]Non-blocking sockets

Markus Kaemmerer mk at happyarts.de
Wed Jan 10 03:36:18 CET 2001

Roderick van Domburg <gog at gamepoint.net> wrote:,

>I am fiddling around with FPC's network communication and was particulary
>interested in the application of non-blocking sockets. 

take a look at our open source project OpenXP (www.openxp.com). There
you should get the sources from version 3.70.3. In unit ncsockets
there is a well documented interface for using non-blocking sockets
for 7bit line based applications (POP3, SMTP ...). It is working with
FreePascal and Virtual Pascal and with all supported platforms.

Markus Kämmerer, OpenXP Team, http://www.openxp.de
Happy Arts Software, http://www.happyarts.de

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