[fpc-pascal]Compiling the IDE

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Tue Jan 9 16:51:28 CET 2001

At 16:42 09/01/01 , vous avez écrit:

> > In CVS, you can find another Vision clone, which is
> > not copyrighted, on which a substitute will be based,
> > but that will take time.
> > Check the development page for a short CVS manual.
> > We can use all help in getting the substitute to work.
>Time permitting, I'd like to see if there's anything I can contribute to
>the effort. So, with that in mind, I downloaded cvs.exe, ran it and got the
>sources for fvision. But there's no readme or 'todo' list that I can see.
>Okay, this may be a *really* dumb question but how can I find out what's
>missing and needs to be coded?

The problem with fvision is that this is GPL code written by Leon de Boer
that is now quite old, and Leon told us already sometime ago that he
has now more complete code...
But until now I still didn't get the latest version of its code,
that's why we never really started to make the transition from the
currently used fv code (that is based on the Borland Copyrighted sources)
and Leon's GPL sources.

   Leon, if you still are online, please tell us about the current standpoint
of your library !

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