[fpc-pascal]chdir problem? -- 2nd request

James_Wilson at i2.com James_Wilson at i2.com
Tue Jan 9 16:09:21 CET 2001

> are you running the win32 target from a DOS window or by double clicking
> icon?  I don't know for sure... but in theory if you run it from a DOS
> it should work as you want it to.  If all else fails... can you use the
> binary?  I know it won't see long filenames, but at least it will work.

I run it from a DOS window, not from an icon. I could use the go32 target
but then I loose LFN's, and that's not something I want to have happen (I
have very descriptive file names, and for network searching LFN's are an
absolute must).

BTW; I'm running NT4 with SP5. I've tried this using cmd.exe and
command.com -- both leave you at the original directory, and not in the
directory of the found file. I don't have any Win9x machines to try it on


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