[fpc-pascal]I need help on old units

Schalk Sevenster sewemax at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 7 22:30:40 CET 2001

I just got Freepascal.
I can't get my old Turbo Pascal 7.0 units to work with the new Freepascal.
Can you please help me.  I am not on the mailing list, so please send me the 
email.  (Sewemax at hotmail.com)

I try to use my old units.  For instance my old mouse unit:  I copy my old 
MOUSE.TPU to the Freepascal directories and subdirectories.  Then, as usual, 
I typed:
<uses mouse;>  The compiler returned "Can't find unit MOUSE"
So I used my old MOUSE.PAS unit to compile it through Freepascal.  That 
compiled successfully.
Now when I want to use the above newly created unit (uses mouse), it returns
"c:/pp/bin/go32v2/ld.exe: cannot open mouse.o: No such file or directory 

I hope this is just some small problem - if this means that I can't possibly 
use my old units, I'm screwed.
Please help!
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