[fpc-pascal]write problem

Thomas Kurz thomas.kurz at gmx.at
Thu Jan 4 14:19:17 CET 2001

Hi Peter,

> This program creates try.try file, but it's content is empty. Does anybody
> know something about this? Thank you in advance.

First of all your program doesn't compile because of the quote in
"I'll", but thats a minor problem.
The solution is, that you have to close the file before the end of the
program, so that the wirte buffer is written ro the disk and cleared.

BTW, I use FPC v1.0.4 on WinNT4SP6a.
This version will works and writes to the file:

var f1:text;
write(f1,'So Ill be very happy if this appear in the try.try');
CLOSE (f1);

Thomas Kurz

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