[fpc-pascal]Fatal: Can't find unit SYSWIN32

Tobias Hermann tobih at mayn.de
Tue Jan 2 16:26:07 CET 2001

I downloaded and installed the dos and w32 full version (dosw32104full.zip
or something like that) and there all is ok (until now :-) )...
I first had similar problems but I saw that in the IDE Go32V1 was set -->
changing it to Go32V2 or Win32 --> everything's fine.


> I set the IDE manually to win32, otherwise the unit it can't find wouild
> be "system" or something else!
> I also tried to set some unit, object and include directories according
> to the manuals, but... no way :-(
> is there a bug in the installer? i can remeber the announcement that the
> 1.0.4 release will automatically set the target to win32, but it
> doesn't! But this is not my problem!
> thx, Thomas

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