[fpc-pascal]OS develing.

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Sat Dec 29 21:12:21 CET 2001

> You can't.

Then how do I get it to link to an alternate?

> See rtl/fakertl and rtl/template for examples of ultra tin System.

So RTL== System unit?
or is that not perfectly accurate?

> Note however that certain parts of the System unit are necessary for
> certain language features:

> - Nearly all string handling needs external routines in System
> - Certain Set operations do.
> - coprocessor (floating point types)
> - int64 handling

These, ofcourse stay...

Memory managment needs to be totally revamped though. =\
Additionally, there will need to be system managment functions...

> - File IO does, and with that writeln and readln.

File support is optional in my OS. This is the case so that all
persistant storage schemes is equally well supported...

> - Nearly all delphi language extensions need help (provided in pseudo 
> system unit objpas)

> If you move certain parts of the system unit (like e.g. memory 
> management, which is a "larger" part) to the kernel, the system unit 
> can be very thin.

In a standard OS, there needs to be a two-level memory managment scheme.
A system/protection level, and an object level scheme. The system level
providing hardware level protection and the object level being
light-weight and quick.

Thanx for the pointers, I'll see what I can do with them.

In Unix land, more is actually less.
DOS is much more streight forward. ;)
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