[fpc-pascal]OS develing.

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Sat Dec 29 20:35:07 CET 2001


I am getting back to work again... My current half-baked plan is to skip
making the thing load on a raw system and instead use DOS's brilliantly
designed and perfectly reliable loader. ;)

The units document could use a master units index that collects all the
unit overviews into a few pages of description. -- again I'm looking for
roadmaps and guideposts....

My biggest questions at the moment have to do with actually writing a
kernel in FPC; and then writing programs that can be loaded and run
correctly in my far-from-standard OS environment...

It seems that my biggest enemy is the 'system' unit... From the
description, it seems that it is loaded IMPLICITLY by the compiler with
no "uses" statement. This is doublepluss ungood because My OS design is
about a 180 degree departure from what the current system unit does, How
do I get the compiler to require the system unit be loaded explicitly?

DPMI is an application level interface. This is an OS project which will
use the lower VCPI interface; How do I write my kernel loader for VCPI? 

The compiler -? switch reports that the system can output several types
of object files. What file format specifications do these comply with?
Are there currently available units that can work with and load these
file formats?

In Unix land, more is actually less.
DOS is much more streight forward. ;)
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