[fpc-pascal]Another Windows API Questions

Edward J. Krall ed.krall at gd-decisionsystems.com
Sat Dec 8 17:55:44 CET 2001

Hello fpc-pascal,

The thread on Win API prompts me to ask this question, which is only
slightly off-topic.

I have been using a program, written a number of years ago, by someone
in Ireland.  It was written in Turbo Pascal and 8086 assembler, and
does indefinite length arithmetic.  It was a DOS program that runs OK
on Windows 95 and 98.

But on Windows NT 4, I get a division by zero error when the program
starts.  I asked the author about it.  He replied that there is a
patch available that will eliminate the source of the error, but that
he has forgotten what it is.  He also indicated that he has no interest
in rewriting the program.

Do any of you know what the "patch" is?


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