[fpc-pascal]Texts -- MYSTERY

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Sat Dec 1 00:45:57 CET 2001

> Did you try a search engine? Google found some usefull links:
> A few examples:
> http://privat.schlund.de/b/bossung/prog/delphi/tutorial/tutorial.html
> http://www.xyint.com/TUTORIALS/pascal.htm

This second link was superb. There was some great stuff there... 
Unfortunately, some of the links were dead and now, inexplicably, I
can't even get nameservice on it anymore!!! Heck, half the links from
ftp.cdrom.com/pub/ (including the bug report address) are dead. =( 
Coming back today finds only 1 link for 4 that were present yesterday
and still no access to /pub/simtelnet/ which is still there... 

This is profoundly frustrating. 
While I wouldn't think any of you have anything to do with this, I am so
frustrated that I really need to post this... 


By the way, I grabbed a copy of PicoProlog and it compiled perfectly
with FreePascal. =) only 96k for a 32 bit binary, the orrigional 16 bit
binary was 45k. =P

Waiting for a typical DOS application to crash is like waiting for hell
to freeze over.
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