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Thanks for this referencem it was REALLY interesting. So as it seems 
that Delphi is not making up something really new, is there some kind 
of similar standard document that defines the INTERFACE/IMPLEMENTATION 
and in general the structure of Units as something "standard", and not 
just an invenction by Borland? (I think these are not part of the 
standard Pascal language, but I might be wrong! ;-))


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> At 12:44 18.08.01 +0100, you wrote:
> >Firstly, the class you define is not a valid Object Pascal class -
> if FPC
> >compiles it, the FPC is wrong.
> It depends :), ever looked into:
> Object-Oriented Extensions to Pascal
> Technical Committee X3J9, Programming Language Pascal
> The following DRAFT technical report was produced by the Technical 
> Committee X3J9, Programming Language Pascal, a subcommitte of the 
> Accredited Standards Committee, X3. The draft is public domain and 
> can be 
> freely used provided a reference to its source is made.
> Object-Oriented Extensions to Pascal
> September 20, 1993
> [...]
> When I started the classes support I worked with this document.
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