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Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Sat Aug 25 09:28:20 CEST 2001

Hello, everybody!

I want to send self generated PDF-documents by e-Mail.

I tried it with uuencoding the doc. It works trouble free, but many customers
seem to have troubles with DECODING (especially those using Windoze). So I
play around since two days with attaching the docs as MIME attachment.

At the beginning I tried it with 'metasend', but this tool is really poor. I
can basically send the PDF with it, but there is no file-name suggested, and
it also tends to split the mail in multiple parts... =8-O

So I decided to do this MIME stuff by hands. I analyzed that what goes out
from NetScape (it's not so complicated) and tried to re-produce this stuff,
using 'mmencode' for base64 encoding. But now I get always very strange errors
when I send such a mail to myself and open it with PINE.

If somebody of you knows how to send a MIME attached e-Mail, please, HELP! 

  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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