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Fri Aug 24 11:05:40 CEST 2001

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> On donderdag, augustus 23, 2001, at 07:54 , Gene Buckle wrote:
> PowerPC (because I want FPC on my Mac)

Yay Mac, yay Mac :-)

Will you be supporting all PowerPC models? Some of us could only afford second 
hand Performer 6100's ( £50, 601 processor, MacOS 8.0, 72mb RAM, 500mb hdd, 2x 
CDRom), and so we would love a PowerPC compiler too. I have a couple of 
versions of Think Pascal, including the hard to find final official release 
(not 4.5, 4.01 or something??) but as it's 68k, that's not really what I'm 
after :-(

If you need testing, please call on me. 

If you'll only be supporting one of the flavours of Linux on the mac, please 
support the mkLinux, as nothing else runs on the 6100, with it's crappy 
hardware and PDS slot. I wish I had a PDS > NUBUS converter and a decent 
graphics card!! My apple monitor only does 640x480, and my APPLE > VGA 
converter will only work with my crappy main monitor that's heading for the 
scrap heap asap (it has issues with working.. keeps flipping into standby 



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