[fpc-pascal]Using /dev/ttyS1

Mauricio Stefani MauricioBS at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 05:34:28 CEST 2001

Thilo Berger wrote:
> On /dev/ttyS1 I have a small microcontroller application.
> The only thing I want to do is to send and receive some characters (9600
> 8N1).
> The things I've tried this night (fdopen etc.) all had no success.
> Is there someone who has already done this? Any hints about
> Documentation?

Hi :-)

I'm working with the same thing. A problem I got while writing this kind of code
was about permissions... Se if your user has permissiom to write the device...

Or if you want I have some full-working procedures, please send me a mail at my
work address (mauricio at ineltec.com.br) and tomorrow I give you some examples,

by the way, wich uC are you using? In ineltec, we work with at89c55 ... maybe we
could exchange some ideas (is that right? sorry but... english is not my primary
language, heheh)

best regards,
Mauricio (from Brasil :-)

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