[fpc-pascal]FreePascal + GCC : Vars?

nofxer at matrix.com.br nofxer at matrix.com.br
Wed Aug 22 20:05:42 CEST 2001

Hello :-)

Thank you for helping me to put GCC and FPC link together. I tried both sugestions and finally it works. 

Well... there is still a thing I can't do:
I'm trying to make my pascal vars visible from a gcc program. The manual says I need to use cvar after the var name and compile with -Sv option.

But when I try to:

  teste : integer; cvar;

fpc ends with up with an error message like:
Error: expecting : found ;
and when I try the -Sv it says me its an obsolete option... Please, whats wrong with my code?

Mauricio Stefani
Mauricio at ineltec.com.br

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