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Mon Aug 20 14:57:36 CEST 2001

I know that if standards are not used then the
programmer will go into 
a black
But if FPC is a 'new' compiler why not extend the
If we don't go ahead, we can't grow. I explain :
standards are made step by step, and any new thing
added to a standard 
is viewed
badly by the others. I give an example :
I am a student, and when I said for my profs that I
can use object into 
(with BP), he formally said that it is impossible and
if a compiler do 
(compiling a pascal source code with objects) this is
a wrong one (does 
not meet
the pascal standrds!).
Then if they (the compiler's developpers) worked with
your says (and 
the says of
my profs), now we (me and you) will use the hex coding
only !
You know now what is the meaning of 'going ahead'?
NB : The original message I send was not about
standards, but about a 
issue in FPC : Why does it work?

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