[fpc-pascal]QT (Was Re: PalmOS)

Peter Vreman pfv at cooldown.demon.nl
Sun Aug 19 11:52:48 CEST 2001

> > The 1.1 compiler can already compile the Qt.pas unit from FreeCLX with
> only
> > a very small patch to Libc.pas to include two type declaration that are
> not
> > in our system unit.
> Have you tried this with the windows version of QT.PAS? I Have Delphi 6, and
> I'd be interested to get FPC compiling simple QT Apps... This is only one
> step away from getting the CLX to compile (highly patched of course, with
> all the incompatible stuff removed.)

I only tested it on linux to see if fpc could compile qt.pas.

> Have Borland made the QT Wrapper open source yet? I'd love to see this
> recompiled on other platforms with QT, so that we could use FPC on them to
> create simple GUI's ;-)

See the Freeclx project at sourceforge

> > So if ppl want to experiment with Qt it is already possible. I didn't try
> > it yet so i don't know yet how a sample program compiles and links.
> Is there a binary distro of 1.1? To be honest I havent booted into Linux

See the daily snapshots directory on the ftp site

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