[fpc-pascal]Reading the color attributes from the screen

James_Wilson at i2.com James_Wilson at i2.com
Fri Aug 17 22:28:48 CEST 2001

The following bit of code is something I use in my go32v2 (DOS) programs 
to save/restore the contents of the screen to/from memory. It works great 
except that it takes the colors as they appear on the screen (which is 
okay most of the time). But is there a way I can store/reset the color 
attributes either directly on the screen or in the array after I've saved 
the screen? Or perhaps there's another mem[] region I can grab and modify 
the colors their instead?



//  for screens up to 132x60
  BUF_SIZE = 7920;

// array to hold screen contents
  ScreenBuffer : array [1..BUF_SIZE] of byte;

// save the entire screen to memory
  move (mem [$B8000],ScreenBuffer,BUF_SIZE);

// restore the screen from memory
  move (ScreenBuffer,mem [$B8000],BUF_SIZE);
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