[fpc-pascal]Interesting Ansistring issues

Martin Hankovec Martin.Hankovec at oku-st.cz
Fri Aug 17 08:20:11 CEST 2001

my experience with amount of ansistring:

my unit for CSV databases (simple databases,better tables) works
fine on 1.0.2 compiler. It can read 62000 lines from text file
and split each line to 6 cells. It stores values in dynamically
build structure of records, containing ansistrings and pointers.
No problem with it.
I didn't try it with the 1.0.4 compiler.

Most errors "216" in this unit I obtained by my own mistakes. In some
cases I miss the inicialization, sometimes bad reference. In that huge code
it was very hard to find the error :-)

With best regards
Martin H.

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