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Quoting Gabor DEAK JAHN <djg at tramontana.co.hu>:

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> Dear Full_Name (?),

My isp has an web front end for email.. it doesn't allow you to change the 
name !! :( I've grown to accept it...

> I do it regularly, although I had spurious errors and crashes and I
> temporarily reverted to C with an ongoing project. You have to write
> your own calling mechanism ... <snip>

You can stop at this point ;) FPC may be 'able' to OLE automate in this way, 
but it's a 'hack', 'kludge' etc, in-so-much-as if you do it in Delphi, you 
don't have to do any of this. I doubt that this answer was what the original 
poster was after. It's only a solution if you truely understand how the whole 
com/ole mechanism works to quite a low level. I would *not* call 
it 'supporting' OLE Automation. After all I could instanciate and use C++ 
classes in FPC - if I hand code the calls in assembler. I wouldn't call 
this 'supporting' C++ by a long chalk.


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