[fpc-pascal]Windows unit Examples

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Wed Aug 15 19:07:08 CEST 2001

Quoting "Mushubi, Paschal" <Paschal.Mushubi at Cognos.COM>:

> Hi
> Where can I get some examples on how to use the Windows unit.

You'd be writing in plain windows API. There are few resources on the net in 
Pascal. I have a few bits and pieces, nothing I could give you easily without 
tonnes of explanation.

> I want to perform some simple automation on Windows using fpc but don't
> know where to begin.

I don't think you can do automation with FPC yet?! Not OLE Automation, which is 
kind of what you imply.

If it's win 32 API, look arround on the net.. you'll find a lot in Turbo Pascal 
sites, and also a lot in C.


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