[fpc-pascal]Re: [fd-dev] Help with Russia/Scandinavia keytables

AITOR.SM AITOR.SM at teleline.es
Fri Aug 10 01:28:45 CEST 2001

> AM> Some time ago, someone (perhaps Arkady?) wrote this:
> >> Maybe this is sophisticated, but you sould RENAME SU.KEY to RU.KEY.
> >> Then, if SV.KEY already exists, you should copy it to SU.KEY.
> >> According to MS KEYB, finnish layout is actually the same as 
> svedish>> layout, left out the default codepage.
>     This is not mine words. I say SU should be changed to RU, but 
> nothingabout SV.
Ok, sorry. In this list, many people said that SU is for Finish, and 
Wolf has tried SU.KEY. He seems to say that the stuff works more or 
less, except maybe a problem with the codepage (the codepage he is 
using may be different from the codepage for which SU.KEY was build). 
So does current RU.KEY (which is a copy of the old SU.KEY) suit you?


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