[fpc-pascal]DXE demo uploaded

Pierre Muller pierre at idefix.wisa.be
Thu Aug 9 23:32:33 CEST 2001

>Then the DXE will be unloaded. The DXE is on the heap, and can be unloaded
>as long as there isn't a handler or so pointer into the DXE.
>Hooking interrupts in DXE code is not smart :-)
If I remember correctly, its not only not smart
but also impossible because of some test in the dpmiexcp.pp code
if the address given outside normal text,
the signal handler do not work, but this only
applies to soft signals installed by signal function,
not to true dpmi exception handlers.

Extracted from dpmiexcp.pp line 698 CVS revision

  { this is incompatible with dxegen-dxeload stuff PM }
  if ((cardinal(temp) < cardinal(@starttext)) or
      (cardinal(temp) > cardinal(@endtext))) then

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